Yellow Kiwi Fruit – Golden Kiwifruit

The golden kiwifruit is a different species called Actinidia chinensis, and it has a hairless, light reddish-brown skin, with a characteristic beak shape at the stem. The flavor is sweeter and more pungent than the green kiwi, but it lacks in keeping ability (it lasts for less days than a green kiwi, and thus it is much more difficult to commercialize).

There is currently a commercial variety of golden kiwifruit called the EnzaRed, belonging to the “Hong Yang” chinese variety.

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There was a commercially viable species being sold (Hort16A) which is now decreasing in volume due to huge losses from 2010 to 2013 by the PSA bacterium.

A new variety called Gold3 emerged from this situation, because it’s more disease resistant (even though the taste is often described as less palatable), and is now marketed by Zespri with the commercial name “SunGold”.

If you enjoy eating kiwi fruit, then it is likely that you will also really enjoy yellow kiwi. This type of kiwi fruit is a golden variety of traditional kiwi fruit. It is known to be incredibly rare. Just like regular kiwi, yellow kiwi offers many health benefits. It contains a high percentage of Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Yellow kiwi is also a water-based fruit which is known to low in calories and cholesterol. Like regular kiwi, it is thick and brown on the outside. The only difference is that the juicy fruit in the center is yellow instead of green. Here are some of the different things that you may be wondering about how to prepare and serve yellow kiwi fruits.

Choosing Yellow Kiwi Fruit

Golden Kiwifruit

Yellow Kiwifruit

When you choose a yellow kiwi fruit, there are a number of things that you will want to look for in order to ensure that you are getting fruit that is of the highest quality. The main quality that you will want to consider is how firm the kiwi fruit is. You should try to find a yellow kiwi that is not too firm or too soft. Kiwis that are too firm are generally sour in flavor. When the kiwi is too soft, it is probably much to mushy for you to easily enjoy it. As with many other types of fruits, you will want to try to stray away from yellow kiwi fruits that have bruises or blemishes on them. If you do buy yellow kiwi fruit when it is firm, allow it to reach firmness before cutting it. Storing the kiwi fruit in the refrigerator is also a good idea if you do not intend to cut it right way.

Preparing Yellow Kiwi Fruit

Before cutting your yellow kiwi fruit, the first thing that you will want to do is wash it. Most fruit has been sprayed with pesticide and may also contain bacteria. Washing it will ensure that you do not ingest anything harmful, which can be spread to the actual fruit by the knife. All that you need to do to wash off the fruit is rinse it with warm water and dry it off with a paper towel.

Yellow kiwi fruits do not have quite as much fuzz as regular kiwi fruits. Although many people do not wish to eat the yellow kiwi skin, you can. If you do eat it with the skin, it is especially important to make sure that you wash it well. If you want to peel the skin, the first thing that you will want to do is cut off the two ends of the kiwi. Slide the knife underneath the yellow kiwis’ skin and peel it from around the center of the fruit. You can also try peeling the fruit vertically, by beginning at the top end and scraping the skin off till you reach the bottom. Different people have their own preferences in terms of what works the best.

Slicing the yellow kiwi fruit is the next thing that you will do to prepare it. Generally, people slice around the core of the kiwi. Many people also scoop the seeds out of the fruit. Although these are not necessary to do, most people find eating kiwi more appealing this way. Slicing the fruit horizontal is easy and the most common way to cut a kiwi fruit, but there are some people who prefer to slice it vertically to get around the core. It really depends on you and what seems to be the easiest way to slice the kiwi fruit.

Serving Yellow Kiwi Fruit

Yellow kiwi can make a great addition to any dish that you would normally add regular kiwi to. Adding both green and yellow kiwi fruits to the dish can be a great idea because it will create a beautiful contrast between colors. Just like regular kiwi, yellow kiwi can really complement other fruits, such as strawberries, pineapple, mangos, and papaya.

The most common dish that you would add yellow kiwi to is fruit salad. It can make a great addition to a variety of other fruits. This is one instance in which it can look great to add both green and yellow kiwi fruit. Your fruit salad will look very colorful with all of the other fruits that are being added to the salad.

If you enjoy eating ice cream sundaes, yellow kiwi is a good choice. It can taste great on top of both vanilla and strawberry ice cream. All that you need to do is spray whipped cream like you normally would and use chocolate syrup if you desire to do so. Yellow kiwi also goes great on top of vanilla or strawberry yogurt. If you enjoy parfaits that are made from yogurt, fruit, and other ingredients, yellow kiwi can be a great addition.

Anyone who enjoys fruit smoothies may want to think about adding yellow kiwi. It can add both extra flavor and color to the smoothie. Keep in mind that yellow kiwi fruit is very small and in order to make the smoothie spread, you will probably want to add another fruit to the smoothie. Strawberries are a great choice. Be sure to add either ice cream or yogurt, ice, and the fruit to the blender.

If you enjoy the contrast between green and yellow kiwi fruit, then you may want to make up a plate of slices of the two fruits. Make up a dip for the kiwi. If you have other fruits on hand and enjoy chocolate fondue, this can be a great choice. Another good idea would be to mix cool whip with pistachio pudding mix. This will make a delicious dip for your kiwi!

Yellow kiwi makes a great addition to many different types of desserts. It goes great on cakes, cupcakes, pies, cheesecake, and just about any other type of dessert. Chunks of the kiwi can be mixed with the icing so that it can be spread on. Slices of the yellow kiwi can also be placed on top of the cool whip or icing that is already on the dessert.

Kiwi fruit can make a great addition to many of the different breakfasts that you may consume. Waffles, pancakes, and crepes are just a few of the different desserts that kiwi can be served on top of. Strawberry or blueberry jam with a layer of whipped cream will make a great bed for both yellow and green kiwi!

Kiwi fruit in general is often overlooked because it is such a tiny fruit, even though it is known to be incredibly healthy. Yellow kiwi is even more overlooked because it is very rare, so few people actually know that the fruit exists. If you ever have the opportunity to try yellow kiwi, you should consider yourself fairly lucky. Despite the many health benefits of this fruit, yellow kiwi is not the best choice for everyone, however. People who have a hard time dealing with acid, such as babies and those with Acid Reflux, often are unable to eat kiwi.