Kiwi Fruit Serving Ideas

Before describing kiwi fruit serving ideas, it is important to point out that kiwi fruits contain a substance, called “actinidin”, which has a lytic effect on foods. This means that it can tenderize other foods such as salads and meat, and is the main cause of the “latex allergy” (which often manifests with itching in the mouth for allergic subjects).

It is generally a good practice to add kiwi fruit just before serving, to prevent actinidin from overly tenderizing other foods

Kiwifruit serving ideas

  • Kiwifruits can be eaten as is, scooped or cut in slices
  • The peel contains many nutrients, and can be eaten once the hairy bits have been removed by soft brushing
  • Kiwifruits add a delicious “tropical” feel to salads, try it!
  • A delicious combination can be made out of yogurt, strawberries and kiwifruit. Additionally, you can add bananas and pineapples
  • Chicken and fish can be served with “chutney”, made with sliced kiwifruit, pineapple and orange
  • You can make a delicious chilled soup out of blended cantaloupe and kiwi! Should you need more consistency you can add yogurt
  • Fruit tarts can be decorated and enhanced with some kiwifruit slices