How to eat a Kiwi Fruit

So, you have a tasty kiwi fruit sitting in front of you. The fuzzy skin beckons, as you know that just
beneath it lies the sweet flesh of the fruit. But because fresh kiwi fruit can be sometimes be relatively
hard to find in the U.S., many people don’t exactly know how to eat them. Luckily, they’re actually pretty
easy to eat. And unlike other seeded fruits (looking at you, apples) the whole thing is edible all the way
through. Use the following step-by-step guide to crack the skin and get down to the flavorful center of
that kiwi sitting in your fridge.

First things first, wash the fruit.

Kiwis, like most other imported fruits, go through a lengthy series of shipping crates and containers before reaching their final destination. Things like bugs,
dirt, and bacteria usually travel with them. So make sure to run it under some lukewarm water before getting started.

Gather your kiwi eating arsenal.

For the purposes of peeling and eating, all you’ll need are a
small paring knife and a spoon. Neither have to be particularly sharp or heavy duty, as kiwis are
generally pretty easy to work with.

Use the “cut and peel” method of kiwi eating

To enjoy your kiwi quickly and with minimal effort, start by cutting the fruit in half. This will allow you to separate the fruit from its skin more
easily. Take one of the halves in the palm of your non-dominant hand, and grab a spoon with
the other. Now, take the spoon and use it to make a separation between the skin and the flesh.Turn it in a circular motion all around the half.

With the separation made, your kiwi fruit is ready to eat.

Since you have the spoon anyway,the least difficult way to get bite sized pieces is to cut off a chunk with the spoon. Don’t worry
about getting seeds in the bite, as they’re both edible and quite tasty. If your craving isn’t
satiated from the first half, just repeat the process of the other.

Though you might think just by looking at one that kiwi fruit is laborious to eat, the process is actually
very simple. It’s well worth the effort, too; kiwi is great tasting and very nutritious. It’s full of vital
compounds such as vitamin C, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. So the next time you’re in the grocery store’s
produce section, consider grabbing this tropical fruit as a healthy addition to your diet