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Kiwifruit Pests

Like many other fruit-bearing trees, kiwifruit vines suffer from a variety of pests that can partially or completely ruin your crop. Some of these pests are bacterial, others are fungi, so the defenses will have to be planned differently and case-by-case. We will try to analyze the most common kiwifruit pests and try to offer […]

Kiwifruit Species

Kiwifruit species experimentation is always underway, but there is now a fairly vast amount of information about the different hardy kiwi varieties that we can read about: Arctic Beauty: This is not really a variety, but the common nake for Actinidia kolomikta, which is known to be quite difficult to establish Ananasnaya: the word comes […]

Kiwi Propagation

As I already mentioned in my kiwifruit pollination post, kiwi propagation from seeds is not usually recommended because it is a long and difficult process: much better results can be obtained with grafting and properly propagating kiwifruit from a mature plant that is already producing. Consider the fact that it takes about seven years for […]

Kiwi Pollination

The kiwifruit plant is dioecious, which means there is a male plant that pollinates a female plant, which will in turn produce fruit. The ratio normally used for the most efficient pollination is one male vine to 3-8 female vines, which will ensure maximum fruit yield per surface area. Warning: some self-pollinating varieties are sometimes […]

Kiwi Plant

Kiwi Plant You know that kiwis are favorite ingredients to almost anything, from gourmet dishes to desserts, though they can be eaten as is. You can also relate them to New Zealand, where people are also called Kiwis (however, the name may be more related to kiwis, the birds). Kiwis aren’t only delicious, but they’re […]

Kiwi Growing

Kiwi Growing Kiwi growing is actually a very fun and engaging activity you can do by yourself or with your family, especially your kids, all year round. However, like any other kind of vegetation, kiwis and their vineyards require proper care for them to bear a lot of fruits and flowers. For starters, you can […]

Kiwi Farming

Kiwi Farming can be subdivided into a series of discrete steps, which are covered in detail in our website, step by step. Step 1: Selecting the correct kiwifruit species for your purpose Step 2: Learn the basics of growing kiwifruit Step 3: Make sure you prepare the soil and select the site properly, keeping in […]

Yellow Kiwi Fruit – Golden Kiwifruit

The golden kiwifruit is a different species called Actinidia chinensis, and it has a hairless, light reddish-brown skin, with a characteristic beak shape at the stem. The flavor is sweeter and more pungent than the green kiwi, but it lacks in keeping ability (it lasts for less days than a green kiwi, and thus it […]

Kiwifruit Cultivation

Kiwifruit cultivation is usually considered difficult to establish, as kiwi have a shallow, fibrous root system, and their pollination is not easy to obtain. In order to have maximum success, the soil should be well worked, with a very fine tilth, and should be fumigated before planting to reduce the incidence of kiwi pests and […]